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In order to ensure our services reach our targeted audiences, we are utilizing platforms, which reach the most people in a cost effective manner. Over the past decade, we have witnessed the rise of social media in our culture. Social media is a web-based platform that offers various avenues for individuals, businesses, and organizations to share their experiences, services, and information with the world.

Therefore, it has been advantageous for the Central Arkansas Workforce Development Area (CAWDA) to utilize social media for targeted outreach. Through enhanced, targeted outreach via social media channels, the CAWDA can educate more people, on the opportunities available to them within our six county region.

Since April 2017, the start of our heavily online outreach efforts, CAWDA’s Facebook audience has grown to over 300 followers to date. Excitingly, this number continues to increase day by day. In May 2017, CAWDA began utilizing the Jobs Bookmark on Facebook, in the hope of locating qualified applicants for employers who have sought assistance through CAWDA’s Business Service Team and other partners.

To date, over 120 job seekers have applied for job listings posted by CAWDA. Multiple hiring events, job openings, and other valuable information relevant to CAWDA and its services has been broadcasted through different platforms, which have resulted in an increase in referrals for services to employers and participants.

As we continue to create an online presence, we are witnessing a substantial increase in the overall number of users on various virtual platforms and believe that we are connecting individuals with valuable information which allows them to utilize our services that are available through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Program (WIOA). We invite you to connect with us by visiting our social media or our website. 

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