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Training Workers for Today's Jobs

In the category of praising the behavior you’d like to see comes this: “President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed legislation authorizing funding for career and technical education programs over the next six years.” The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette noted that Gov. Asa Hutchinson was present for the signing of the workforce development measure, the Strengthening Career & Technical Education for the 21st Century Act. It’s an update of a $1.2 billion federal program that provides money for post-secondary students to receive training in fields lacking skilled workers, such as manufacturing and health care. The bipartisan legislation does three things, according to Raja Krishnamoorthi, one of the congressmen who introduced it in the House. It “increases funding so more students can participate. Two, it shifts the authority to local states and community colleges and high schools, because they know the local labor conditions. And then three, it would make sure that employers are at the table to validate the skills that are taught.” The measure had the support of the Arkansas Association for Career & Technical Education and Arkansas’ congressional delegation. The governor told the Democrat-Gazette that the act puts a greater emphasis upon STEM education, where so many jobs are to be found, and allows the state to develop a plan appropriate to Arkansas. The bill was signed on the same day that The Wall Street Journal reported that the construction industry’s inability to attract younger workers is a factor behind high home prices, which, in turn, is a factor behind lagging home ownership. College is increasingly expensive and it’s not for everyone. Meanwhile, high-paying jobs that don’t require a college education are going unfilled. The measure signed by Trump last week is a positive step in ensuring that workers have the right kind of skills to land good jobs in industries desperate for them. Source:

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