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Educational & Training Opportunities

Every Central Arkansas job seeker has the opportunity and access to targeted training and education that leads to a career with gainful employment. We work hard to remove barriers for hard-to-reach populations such as veterans and eligible spouses, returning citizens, people who have aged out of foster care, people with disabilities, and people who are homeless.

Employer and Employee

Business Solutions for Employers

Our Business Service Team identifies appropriate strategies to assist in the creation of a workforce that will promote economic development. We strive to provide economic solutions and long-term strategic services to the industries that make our region a desirable place to live and work. We help companies overcome the challenges of recruiting, retaining, developing, and maintaining a pipeline of qualified job candidates.

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Virtual Career Center

Our goal is to provide job seekers with the most diverse job opportunities in the Central Arkansas Region. We understand that deciding on and navigating your career can be difficult at times, so we provide additional resources and services to assist you in securing a job that will lead to a promising career.

Programs & Services

The Central Arkansas Workforce Development Area is able to provide innovative solutions for Central Arkansas' workforce and employers thanks to a federally funded grant from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. Our workforce centers provide eligible participants with career and educational training services to help them find and keep jobs. Furthermore, we provide critical partnerships for our industries and help businesses overcome the challenges of recruiting, retaining, developing, and maintaining a pipeline of qualified job seekers. Our goal is to provide resources and services to both job seekers and employers to help them succeed in today's competitive job market.

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Find a Workforce Center

Visit any one of our Workforce Centers to find a team of trained and committed professionals ready to listen, advise and partner with you to target and achieve your career goals. Computers are available for preparing résumés, cover letters, completing online job applications, accessing training provider data, as well as obtaining access to the Internet and job search websites. Job centers are equipped with office equipment made available at no-cost that will make your job search be a breeze. Offices are generally open Monday - Friday  from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.

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Providing innovative solutions to Central Arkansas' job seekers and employers.

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