Marilyn Roby, a Career Consultant at the Arkansas Workforce Center in Brinkley, Arkansas, received the Partnership Recognition Award for Outstanding Service and Participation, which recognizes her contribution in building opportunities for Economic Prosperity Youth in Monroe and Prairie Counties.

The award from Arkansas Land and Farm Development Corporation (ALFDC) celebrates her work educating youth about Workforce Readiness to helping them to become successful adults.

The ALFDC is a nonprofit historical land base organization with an extensive background in providing training and technical assistance to underserved groups. Their mission is to provide advocacy, outreach technical assistance and training to limited resource small farmers and rural residents to alleviate poverty, enhance sustainable farming and strengthen communities' economic sustainability and workforce readiness.

Roby has been facilitating career exploration processes and other service activities for youth and adults in Monroe and Prairie County since 2006. She gives individuals information on career and educational opportunities available through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Program and helps them determine their career paths.

Roby is honored as an award recipient and takes pride in helping her community any way possible.

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