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Ridout Lumber Co. Partners with Arkansas Workforce Center

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is a federal law that provides an opportunity to take a fresh look at the collaboration among all partners in Central Arkansas’ economy, including businesses.

In 2018, Ridout Lumber Company, a company that has been serving residents of Arkansas and Missouri with lumber and home projects for almost 50 years, became a valuable partner with the Arkansas Workforce Center in Conway when they served as a work site for the WIOA Youth Program.

Interested in the resources and opportunities through WIOA, Bill Hambrick, Manager at Ridout Lumber, wanted to serve his community. Ridout Lumber understands that everyone makes mistakes and even practice second chances hiring practices. Over the past year, they have worked with many WIOA participants and has taught essential occupational skills, such as customer service and soft skills. Additionally, they offered employment to several WIOA participants after completion of Occupational Skills Training.

Overall, Ridout Lumber is a great partner working with individuals, including WIOA participants and re-entry individuals. They continue to make numerous opportunities to ensure individuals have a successful future in the workforce and they have career opportunities available at all of their locations.

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