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In the United States, there are millions of individuals who do not hold a high school diploma and do not have access to decent jobs that pay a living wage. Michael Dunn was one of those individuals until 2021.

After overcoming several obstacles that forced him to take time away from work, he was unable to find employment. When he realized he couldn't meet the criteria for the jobs he applied for because he didn't have his GED Credential, he immediately contacted the UACCM Adult Education Center in Faulkner County and pursued his dream of earning his GED.

While attending classes on a regular basis at the UACCM Adult Education Center, Michael made several educational gains on his reading, math, and language assessments, completed all testing with passing scores, and in less than three (3) months, earned his GED on March 31, 2021.

Then, UACCM Adult Education referred Michael to the Arkansas Workforce Center in Conway. The Business Service Representative assisted him in his job search, and on April 8, 2021, Michael accepted a job offer from Tru-Fab in Maumelle, Arkansas. Will Larue, Manager of Tru Fab, stated that “Michael shows great ambition and is an excellent employee”.

In the end, Michael achieved one of his most inspiring achievements, which is one milestone in his life that will open many doors for his future.

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