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Give the Gift of Tracking Work Hours

Did you know that the Department of Labor provides a simple and useful way for you to keep accurate records of the hours you worked?

The app is known as the Timesheet App.

The free app allows individuals to independently log their regular working hours, break times, and any extra hours for one or more companies using this free app, and they can use it to calculate their owed compensation.

Users can view work hour summaries in a daily, weekly, or monthly format with a gross pay computation on the app, as well as submit comments to any information connected to their work hours.

Other helpful features for workers include a glossary of wage and hour words, information on wage regulations, links to DOL websites, and, conveniently, a feature that lets users email the DOL straight from the app (via a "Contact Us" page).

This app is free to download and is available for both iOS and Android-powered smartphones, making it the ideal gift for your hard working teenager, significant other, or even yourself.

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