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Overcoming the obstacle of being a young mother and unable to complete high school, Annie Crisp began working various occupations to provide for her family. Over the years, she sustained her career, which included positions such as a bakery manager and a 911 operator.

Eventually, Annie faced numerous obstacles that required her to take time off from the workforce. Upon her return, she struggled to find employment. To her surprise, she did not meet the requirements for any positions that required a high school diploma, even though she had numerous years of work experience. That is when she decided, at the age of 56, to return to school to obtain her high school diploma.

After working closely with the Lonoke and Prairie Counties Adult Education Center, Annie passed her GED on September 19, 2017. Upon completion, Director of Lonoke and Prairie Counties Adult Education Center, Debbie Shelton referred Annie to the Central Arkansas Workforce Center in Lonoke. The Lonoke OneStop Center Manager, Sheila Sims, assisted Annie in her job search and in December 2017, Annie happily accepted a job offer at Central Arkansas Planning and Development District as a Receptionist.

In the end, Annie has proven no matter what age you are, it is never too late to get your high school diploma.

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