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Explore In-Demand Careers in Central Arkansas

The job market nowadays offers many opportunities for job seekers. The number of jobs in the United States has increased and according to the Arkansas Division of Workforce Services’ Labor Force Summary compared to January 2022, there are 11,599 additional employed Arkansans and those following sectors that saw the greatest increase in Arkansas include:


The trade, transportation, and utilities industry offers both wholesale and retail product sales, passenger and cargo transportation, and utility services. The sector, which is frequently referred to as a "super sector," is made up of four different industries: retail, wholesale, transportation and warehousing, and utilities. A fantastic industry to explore your career choices in is the Trade and Transportation supersector, which, according to EMSI, employs 64,012 people in the region and has 4,550 business sites. Given that this industry is a major supersector in the area, you might be eligible for one of our educational and occupational training programs that can help you make the move to finding a career within this industry.

Education & Health Services


As we continue to meet the labor force needs of business and industry, we are also assisting job seekers in Central Arkansas in selecting promising career possibilities and provide every advantage for job seekers to obtain a higher standard of living throughout our six county service area.

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