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Samuel Carter Jr., displayed extraordinary artistic ability in the fields of music, acting, and drawing. However, his biggest challenge was finding employment because he had no work experience and he needed additional skills to be successful in the workplace.

In June 2017, his mother encouraged him to go the Arkansas Workforce Center in Benton and apply for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Youth Program.

Optimistically enrolling in the program, he participated in Job Readiness activities that helped develop his skills in punctuality, following instructions, resume writing, completing applications, interviewing for a job, and keeping a job, once obtained. Through the help of the Arkansas Workforce Center in Benton, he improved his social skills in working with others, he became more aware of employer expectations, and he gained the confidence that he can do anything he sets his mind on.

Additionally, while participating in the Work Experience program, work-site supervisor, Sherry Parsons, the Director of the Senior Activity and Wellness Center in Benton, helped Samuel build self-awareness and self-confidence. Thankful for the services received, Samuel had the chance to explore new and exciting possibilities and knew the impact it would have in his life.

In December 2017, Samuel obtained employment at Colton’s Steak House and is preparing to engage with the Arkansas Career Training Institute in Hot Springs. In the end, he learned hard work and dedication are important assets in everyday challenges and he is making a difference to others around him in the world or work.

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