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SCAM ALERT - Text Message Phishing Scheme Alert

The Department of Justice's National Unemployment Insurance Fraud Task Force is issuing this alert to warn people of a new phishing scheme.

This scheme involves bad actors, presenting as a state workforce agency, who send text messages containing a link (see below). The text messages ask people to click on a link to upload their driver’s license or state ID. Malware could be placed on the victim’s device if they click the link in this latest scam, or they could be tricked into providing personal information. Anyone who receives these messages should not click on any links or provide any information, including a Social Security number. People should delete the messages, keep their device’s software up to date and avoid robocalls.

“The Division of Workforce Services recently began sending emails to PUA claimants for ID verification purposes,” said Dr. Charisse Childers, Director of the Arkansas Division of Workforce Services, “however, the agency will not use text messaging to contact individuals regarding personal information or ID verification.

It is very important for people to know that ADWS does not contact claimants via text message for any reason.

The official ADWS identity verification emails will come from

Fraudsters know how to mask fake or harmful links so that they appear to be legitimate. To reveal whether an email address or link has been masked, hover your computer mouse pointer over the email address or link, but do not click! Hovering the mouse over a suspect email address or link will display the true destination of the link, most likely in the status line at the bottom of the email program’s window.

Those who receive the email should use the unique link provided and follow the steps to verify their ID through the UIdentify service. Claimants who are unable to use the online UIdentify service to verify ID may present their ID in person at a local Arkansas Division of Workforce Services Center.

Individuals with information about this or other UI fraud schemes can call 202-693-6999 or 800-347-3756, or go to

The Arkansas Division of Workforce Services will never send text messages soliciting information.

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