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In December 2021, Michael Lenz, an individual who had reentered society after twenty-five years and was facing homelessness, stumbled upon the Arkansas Workforce Center in Conway. Desperate for help, he met with Bobby Strobel, Jr., One-Stop Manager, and discussed how the WIOA Adult program could assist him. Together, they began planning on getting him on track so he could put the pieces in place to move forward to a new promising life.

He was enrolled in the WIOA Adult Program and wanted to become a CDL driver, but after an assessment, it was discovered that Michael was having difficulty with technology. Michael was sentenced in 1996, and technology had advanced significantly by the time he was released. Prior to sentencing, everything was still analog; people did everything in person, and cell phones and the internet were still relatively new on the market. He had no idea how to use a smart phone or a computer after being released. Mr. Strobel took the initiative to work with Michael, teaching him how to use specific phone features to connect with potential employers and other partner providers.

Soon after, Michael enrolled in the River Rock CDL Training Program, where he learned the skills required to become a CDL Driver. According to the training facility's owner, "Michael passed with flying colors," followed by passing the state exam and gaining full-time employment by February 28, 2022.

Michael has successfully reintegrated into society in less than six months after enrolling in the WIOA program. He is now gainfully employed and plans to pursue additional career advancement opportunities in the Transportation sector, with the goal of eventually becoming an owner operator. Michael encourages anyone who is struggling not to give up, and he hopes to help other reentry individuals in the future by assisting and demonstrating how to transition and find work.

Michael Lenz's Success Story

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