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Alexis Brown, a single mother struggling to support her family, began her journey towards a new career path in the transportation industry by inquiring about the River Rock CDL Training Program. However, she quickly realized that she would require financial assistance to complete the program, so she inquired about available options.

In June 2022, she met with Bobby Strobel, Jr., One-Stop Manager of the Arkansas Workforce Center in Conway, and discovered that she was eligible to participate in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program, which could provide the financial assistance she needed to complete her educational training.

Soon after, she enrolled in the River Rock CDL Training Program, where she learned the skills needed to become a CDL Driver. She mastered her skills behind the wheel and received her diploma and Commercial Driver's License in August 2022. Alexis then accepted a full-time position with CB Logistics in September 2022.

In the end, she discovered with the determination to succeed, anything was possible and she is now pursuing a career she enjoys while earning a substantial wage which allows her to support her family.

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