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Considering a Manufacturing Career in Central Arkansas?

According to EMSI, the Central Arkansas Workforce Development Area is home to 552 manufacturing business locations that develop a wide range of products and employ over 18,000 individuals.

Some specializations exist in the region, such as sanitary paper products, ammunitions, iron and steel pipe and tube, electronic connectors, and unlaminated plastics.

Individuals working in the manufacturing career cluster typically require at least a high school diploma, though there are some cases where this may not be required, or where a higher degree may be more advantageous.

Maintenance and repair workers, mechanical engineering technologists and technicians, welders, computer numerically controlled tool operators, and a variety of other occupations are included in this cluster.

If you are interested in changing your career, Manufacturing may be a great career opportunity and we may be able to help. To find out if you qualify, you may fill out the Program Eligibility Form

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