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Empowering Teen Workers

Teen workers have workplace rights but are not always aware of them. Fortunately, there are things both teens and their employers can do to ensure a safe and fair workplace for young workers.

Young Workers have access to a comprehensive toolkit made available by the US Department of Labor. This toolkit is to to help you make the most of your work experiences, and learn about your rights and responsibilities and include information like:

  • What Jobs Can I do? When Can I work? (Non-Agriculture)

  • What Jobs Can Agricultural Workers Do? (Non-Agriculture)

  • Internship Programs Under the FLSA: Provides general information to help determine whether interns and students working for “for-profit” employers are entitled to minimum wages and overtime pay under the FLSA.

  • Know Your Rights Videos: Watch this video series in English and Spanish to learn useful information applicable in different scenarios that workers encounter in the workplace. They include information on federal minimum wage, overtime, and compensable work time.

  • Presentations - Child Labor Presentation for Teens (PowerPoint)

  • Public Service Announcements: Encourage your local radio stations (or your school’s announcement system) to air these Child Labor public service announcements. One announcement is for non-agricultural work and the other is for agricultural work. Both announcements are also available in Spanish.

  • RecordKeeper: Use this calendar to track your hours and help you understand your overtime rate.

  • Work Hours Calendar: Use this calendar to track your work hours.

  • Youth Employment Guide: Use this guide to learn about where you can and cannot work, both in agricultural and non-agricultural jobs. Fits in a 3-ring binder. Order a hard copy of the Guide by selecting publication # WH1005 from our publication ordering system.

There are additional resources available here and these resources will help parents, educators, and employers better understand federal laws involving youth employment.

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