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As a youth coping to overcome his disability, Kolbe participated in the 2017 AR PROMISE Summer Youth Program. Prior to enrollment in this program, he had no previous work experience, had several barriers preventing him from employment, and was afraid to work because of how he thought others would treat him.

Bobby Strobel, Jr, One-Stop Center Manager at the Central Arkansas Workforce Center in Conway, assisted Kolbe in obtaining the skills to become an asset to himself and future employers. Prior to receiving a job assignment, Kolbe participated in the Job Readiness Training Activity and learned skills such as Resume Building, Interviewing Skills Training, and Dressing for Success.

After completion of this activity, he was enrolled in the Work Experience Program where he gained helpful work experience to develop the skills needed to be successful in the workplace. After the completion of the program, Kolbe gained employment at Caldwell Country Store and currently is saving his money to purchase a four-wheeler. Although Kolbe was nervous about working and was worried about how others would treat him, he learned not to let fear keep him from experiencing life.

Overall, Kolbe was thankful for the opportunity and now understands his disability does not hold him back from being a great worker.

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